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one time i picked up a penny and i hit my head on the door handle and i have a tiny scar from it and that was the third worst time i ever picked up a penny

the second worst time i ever picked up a penny was when one time i picked up a penny on the street and i almost got hit by a car

what’s the worst time you ever picked up a penny

i was in an airport and i hit a baby by accident

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And Sewing Is Half The Battle: Tutorial! INVISIBLE SHOES!



You heard right:  INVISIBLE SHOES!

A great tutorial on making invisible shoes for all those characters who run around barefoot. 


I have been saying for weeks: I cringe whenever I see Jack Frost cosplayers standing bare-foot in the snow, or Rapunzels wandering around convention floors or gravel roads in bare feet, and so on. 

This is the answer.

- Jenn

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